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Inspired by the natural wrapping shielding and protective properties of Physalis peruviana or Goldenberry’s calyx fruit and the “Anaco” a Peruvian Pre-Inka and Inka rectandular garment. Our first collection is Mashwā Shielding Collection which includes multifunctional shielding garments made with natural fibres such pima and native cotton, shielding textiles such Faraday (silver nanofibre) and Qoperfina (97% cotton and 3% copper fibres).


Main solution we offer with this collection is shielding against radiation caused by smart devices and reduction of the fashion industry chemical waste since textiles are dyed with Bacteria and natural dyes such Turmeric, Curry, Avocado among others.
Main advantage of bacteria dye: Its process uses no toxic chemicals, little water, and low temperatures/ energy, becoming more durable and sustainable than the traditional natural dyes.
Therefore, main problem that is solved is the impact into human health and safety due to an uncontrolled exposure to radiation, and the reduction of the environmental imapct of the fashion industry.

 Goldenberry’s calyx and Its

amazing  Shielding Properties


Our Shielding Collection is inspired by the Shielding Properties of Goldenberry’s Calyx.
If the fruit is left inside the intact calyx husks, its shelf life at room temperature is about 30–45 days. Inside the calyx, it maintains its  firmness, acidity, lower ethylene production and less weight loss.

Mashwā Shielding Collection

Mashwā Shielding Collection

Mashwā Shielding Collection

Shielding Turmeric

Multifunctional Shielding Garment – Natural Shades


Multifunctional Garment made with Semi Flexible Cotton Textile, dyed with  natural pigments extrated from different type fo food waste such as avocado, coffee,turmeric, helbal teas, berries among others.
Shielding properties against EMR are provided by a silver nanofiber called Faraday.
Bacteria Garment3

Multifunctional Shielding Garment – Bacteria Dye


Multifunctional Garment made with 100% natural vegan fiber such Cottom, Hemp, Linen dyed with Janthinobacterium Lividum JL Bacteria.
Shielding properties against EMR are provided by a silver nanofiber called Faraday.
Bactericide Garment 2

Multifunctional Bactericide Garment – Qoperfina


Multifunctional Garment made with 100% natural peruvian cotton and a very innovative Peruvian Therapeutic Textile Qoperfina.
Shielding properties against viruses and bacterias are provided by a therapeutic textile 70% native peruvian cotton and 3% copper fibers.
Yanesha Alloch

ALLOCH Facemasks Kits


Current COVI19 context motivated us to create a collection of facemasks, where 20% of the profits obtained from the sale of this collection will go to the YANESHA Artisans Association of Laguna Raya in Oxapampa Pasco, Perú), but also reduce the amount of microplastics and plastics that end into the ocean.
Shielding properties against biohazards are provided by certified bactericide cotton textiles and also a copper fiber – peruvian cotton textile called Qoperfina. Check out our catalog here.



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