About us

Mashua Project was conceived and developed by Ma. Antonieta Javier Rojas, an enthusiastic Peruvian entrepreneur, born and educated in Lima, the capital of Peru. Industrial Engineer graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), she also studied Hotel and Tourism Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Peru (UPC). In addition, Ma. Antonieta has an extensive experience in different professional areas: travel, hospitality and real estate.

She has led the sales area as Land Excursion Manager and Guest Relations Officer at Carnival Cruise Lines, where he was a member of the On-Board Safety Management System for 10 years. This international work experience allowed her to work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment onboard and ashore.

After an unfortunate work accident that took her about 2 years of rehabilitation and physical therapies living between USA and Peru, Ma. Antonieta came back to her hometown and found a job as a university professor of Health, Safety and Environment at the PUCP.

Inspired by the commitment of her young students to sustainable development and after evaluating her options, Ma. Antonieta decided to start her own sustainable entrepreneurship and registered her Mashua brand in 2016, with the conviction that in order to have a positive impact on our planet, it was necessary to offer sustainable fashion products and experiences. Having a good sense of aesthetics, design, proportions, logistics and product management, she decided to start creating sustainable fashion accessories and organize sustainable experiences related to the fashion sector by connecting people with their cultural identity and with nature, and creating stories that could be transmitted from generation to generation.

Currently, part of the activities of Ma. Antonieta is to visit different native communities in Peru, to have a better understanding of their beliefs, values ​​and cultural and artistic expressions. Her journey towards the knowledge of native cultures began with the Shipibo Conibo and Yanesha communities, but considering the amazing cultural diversity of Peru, she knows that the Mashua Project has a wide variety of fields of action in the medium and long term.

In a near future Ma. Antonieta would like to create a foundation that empowers women from the different ethnic communities located in the Peruvian Amazon, improve their life conditions and respect their culture and beliefs.