Tamshi – Sustainable Materials

Another of the materials of the Peruvian jungle is an aerial root known as ¨Tamshi”. With this fiber, baskets, brooms and baskets are made.

Chambira – Peruvian Jungle Sustainable Materials

Chambira - Peruvian Jungle Sustainable Materials Palm trees have played a very important role in the daily life of Amazonian communities. Its different uses have been associated mainly with basic needs such as housing construction, food, the manufacturing of...

Shielding and Biomimicry

Shielding garments and accesories are the result of enhancing main skin functions by developing smart wearables with innovative textiles and sensors.

New Normality Post COVID19

This new normality post pandemic Covid19 has generated a sense of urgency to fully protect our health, safety and value our freedom and lives.

Alpaca: Sustainable Materials

Alpaca’s wool is one of the finest natural fibers available in LATAM and It’s mainly produced in Peru and Bolivia. Its benefits and features are amazing.

Facemasks’ Environmental Impact

Post COVID19 pandemic era had changed hygiene habits and protocols. Some accessories such as facemasks or face shields will remain as part of our clothing essentials for a long time.

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