Research Projects

Our main reasearch approach is to get to adapt ancestral knowledge to the needs of our nowdays needs in a very simple, organic and agile way. We take the time and the space to explore intellectually and creatively, whilst delivering tangible outcomes with real benefits to different ecosystems.

Shielding Collections

Inspired by the natural wrapping shielding and protective properties of Physalis peruviana or Goldenberry’s calyx fruit and the Anaco a Peruvian Pre-Inka and Inka rectandular garment. This collection includes smart garments such transformable garments & face masks. Currently working into additional elements such as smart shielding office and home elements.


Regenerative Design Ecosystems

It’s important to promote and start working into collaborative environments in such a way that synergies are activated all over the world. Peruvian ancestors knew very well about it, they practiced AYNI (reciprocity or mutualism). Collaboration and co-working are key for developing sustainable and regenerative communities of our now days and future.

Bioshades, Biomaterials and Textiles

Any sustainable design product starts with a selection of materials and innovative processes that enable us to deliver a sustainable design UX User Experience with a minimalistic, protective and multifunctional approach that provides a healthy and safe ecosystem.  We do a continuos procurement, research and development of new biomaterials and bioshades.
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