We believe in the capability of everyone for achieving a Regenerative Lifestyle by creating awareness through our regenerative solutions and projects.
Our main research approach is to get to adapt ancestral knowledge to the needs of our nowdays needs in a very simple, biophilic and agile way. We take the time and the space to explore intellectually and creatively, whilst delivering tangible outcomes with real benefits to different ecosystems.
Through PRODUCTS, EXPERIENCES and SOLUTIONS, we seek to create awareness about the dangers and risks to which we are exposed as the main cause of different illnesses and damages to human and environmental integrity and health.


Shielding Collections

Mashwā Shielding Collection
Inspired by the natural wrapping shielding and protective properties of Physalis peruviana or Goldenberry’s calyx fruit and the “Anaco” a Peruvian Pre-Inka and Inka rectandular garment. Our first collection is Mashwā Shielding Collection which includes multifunctional shielding garments made with natural fibres such pima and native cotton, shielding textiles such Faraday (silver nanofibre) and Qoperfina (97% cotton and 3% copper fibres).
Main solution we offer with this collection is shielding against radiation caused by smart devices and reduction of the fashion industry chemical waste since textiles are dyed with Bacteria and natural dyes such Turmeric, Curry, Avocado.
Main advantage of bacteria dye: Its process uses no toxic chemicals, little water, and low temperatures/ energy, becoming more durable and sustainable than the traditional natural dyes.
Therefore, main problem that is solved is the impact into human health and safety due to an uncontrolled exposure to radiation, and the reduction of the environmental imapct of the fashion industry.


ALLOCH Facemasks Collection

ALLOCH means FUTURE in Yanesha native languaje.
Indigenous peoples experience a high degree of socioeconomic marginalization and do not have access to public healthcare, becoming even more vulnerable during this global pandemic. One of these communities is the Yanesha Artisan Association of Laguna Raya in Oxapampa, Pasco Peru.  For this reason, 20% of the profits obtained from the sale of this collection will be destined to Yanesha Artisan Association of Laguna Raya in Oxapampa (Pasco, Peru).
See more details in our store and catalog.


Regenerative Ecosystems

It’s important to promote and start working into collaborative environments in such a way that synergies are activated all over the world. Peruvian ancestors knew very well about it, they practiced AYNI (reciprocity or mutualism). Collaboration and co-working are key for developing sustainable and regenerative communities of our now days and future.


In our early stage of research we connected and co-created different workshops with Shipibo Conibo Community of Cantagallo in Lima Peru, in those workshopd we started to learn about its iconography, cosmovision and arts.


Our latest project is called “Capsulas Regenerativas” and It has been developed in collaboration with Animai Studio and through a series of micro interviews, we are gathering insights from different designers and makers around the world. 





Textile Research

Any regenerative designed product starts with a selection of materials and innovative processes that enable us to deliver a sustainable design UX User Experience with a minimalistic, protective and multifunctional approach that provides a healthy and safe ecosystem.  We continuosly research and look for developing new biomaterials and bioshades.


Stay tuned for our latest posts, collections, research, and micro interview’s insights.

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