Hi There, I’m Maja

Inspired by the commitment of my young students and younger classmates in regards of sustainable development, I decided to create Mashua Project, since I truly believe that in order to have a positive impact on our planet, it’s necessary to promote and offer sustainable designed products and experiences, but at the same time create awareness at all levels.
I am an Industrial Engineer born and educated in Lima, Perú and Barcelona, Spain; specialized in Environmental Management, Operations and Logistics, Digital Marketing, as well as Agile and Smart Technologies that can be applied into Fashion, Interior Design and Hospitality Industries.  Working in the cruise industry allowed me to interact and work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, while visiting different port destinations around the world.
I cannot wait to work with you and contribute together to generate more sustainable ecosystems, but first things first. Let’s check out our closest ecosystems: our clothes and home. Are you ready?

Our main goal is to contribute to the sustainable development by promoting and offering sustainable lifestyle assessments, where traditional and ancestral techniques can be adapted to our now days needs by applying agile technologies into the sustainable living products and experiences related to tourism,  fashion and interior design.
Each product and service created by the Mashua Project program takes us to amazing stories and natural ecosystems behind each design, color and iconography.

What We Offer

15 min Tea Time

Prevention is key to improve our quality of living at home and work. Let’s identify together the main problems to get managed and solved into your ecosystem at home or work in a 15min free assestment.

Consultancy Services

Regenerative Management Systems that can be implemented into your daily life, home office or company.


Shielding Garments, Accesories and Home Deco items. Directory of certified local providers of different regenerative management systems (isolation,refrigeration, air conditioning heating, ventilation, maintenance and cleaning).

Let’s set a Tea Time!

Are you aware of the different health and safety hazards that exist into your ecosystem at home and at work?. Let’s identify them in this 15min free assestment.
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