Our brand is inspired by the resilience, adaptability and healing properties of the Andean ancestral tuber of the same name. The Mashua was one of the main sources of nutrition of the ancient pre-Inca and Inca cultures.

Our Logo:

It`s inspired by the art of the Shipibo-Conibo native culture of the Peruvian Amazon, our logo’s decorative patterns are characterized by the use of geometric patterns found in the skin of the anaconda, the fish and the plants. This aspect, as well as the association of aesthetics and medicine, material and immaterial, feminine and masculine are present in the kené or kewé.

Mashua Project:

Mashua Project’s main objective is to produce sustainable fashion and offer intercultural experiences that allow our clients and suppliers to interact with different Peruvian native communities, where traditional and ancestral techniques are still practiced to produce fashion garments and accessories.

Each product created by the Mashua Project program takes us to the stories and myths behind each design, color and iconography, as well to the natural sources from which most of the materials come from.

Encouraging the consumption of sustainable fashion allows us to enrich each other culturally, feel proud of our cultural identity and become aware of the vital importance for our planet of promoting sustainable development at all levels.

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