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About Mashua,

Our main purpose is to offer common wellbeing through fashion accessories and related experiences in the fashion, tourism, and decoration sectors.
Mashua Project’s Mission is aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):


–   Our consultancy services, tourism experiences and educational experiences are aligned to SDG Sustainable Development Goal N. 3,  Ensure healthy lives and -promote well-being for all at all ages.


–  Our textile research and prototyping is aligned to SDG Sustainable Development Goal N. 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

–  Our consultancy services, tourism and educational experiences are aligned to SDG Sustainable Development Goal N. 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


Creating awareness through education is key, therefore our aim is to help them prevent accidents, injuries or illnesses by creating and promoting products and experiences related to a regenerative lifestyle.

Mashua Project focuses on the following ecosystems: your skin, clothes, accessories and home/office.


Our goals: 
1. Achieve Regenerative Culture through  AWARENESS, EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT,
2. Develop a Regenerative Economy where the principles of Circular Economy, Biodesign and Biomimicry are applied,
3. Design and manufacture safe and healthy products, under a systemic and comprehensive approach with a positive impact on the safety, health and well-being of all the parties involved or stakeholders.

Our Brand,

Our brand is inspired by the Mashua, Mashwa or Isaño Tropaeolum tuberosum, a Peruvian tuber native to the Andes, a very resistant plant to frost as it does not require fertile soils, fertilizers, or pesticides; therefore, it’s cultivation is organic. The Incas used to consume rations of Mashua, days before starting a battle and stored this tuber in the Tambos (Inka storage structures).
Therefore, Mashua represents RESILIENCE, STRENGTH and NATURE.
Kene Pattern

Our Inspiration

On the other hand, the shape of our logo is inspired by the Shipibo art of Peru, as it is characterized by the use of geometric shapes (kené or kewé) found in anaconda, fish and plants. In order to make designs, it is necessary to consume the plants that manifest the power of the Anaconda, such as Piripiri and Ayahuasca. In kené, aesthetics and medicine come together; the material and the immaterial; the feminine and the masculine.
Then, it’s INTERCONNECTION, RESPECT and AWARENESS  of our own regenerative capacity.
Agar agar Biotextile


My name is María Javier, and I have lived in Barcelona, Spain since 2019. I have an extensive background in tourism, health, safety and environment, as well as in the education sector. About 7 years ago, I founded Mashua Project with the vision and goal to stop being a passive and unconscious consumer and opt for creating awareness of the existent dangers and hazards that we are continuously exposed to, as they are the main cause of different illnesses and accidents.

To be quite frank, it has been a long journey. I survived a terrible car accident and I am a thyroid cancer survivor. When you experience such hard moments in life, you have two options: to get up or give up. I think it’s quite clear what my choice was. Both experiences showed me what’s relevant in this short life. That’s why my main mission is to help other people to prevent accidents, injuries or illnesses by teaching them how to identify the main threats, risks and hazards that they can encounter in their homes, work and nearby ecosystems.
This is where Mashua Project stepped up with a solution. Your closest ecosystems are your skin and your clothes, your second ecosystems are accessories and then there comes your home/office.

Mashua Project is not a fashion brand. It’s an ecosystem itself where I definitely found my purpose by doing what I’m passionate about: research, constant learning and creating awareness by delivering different projects related to a Regenerative Lifestyle and its best practices and solutions.


We believe in the capability of everyone achieving a Regenerative Lifestyle by creating awareness through our regenerative solutions and projects in the fashion, tourism and decoration sectors.

Shielding 5

Shielding Collections


In my eagerness to pay proper tribute to the great biodiversity of my country, most of my collections and research projects are inspired by one of my favorite fruits: Goldenberry or Physalis peruviana (Aguaymanto in Spanish).
It’s known that Goldenberries were one of the most preferred fruits by the Inka’s royalty.

Fashion accessories and biomaterials we’re developing reassemble its calix, because Goldenberry’s calix has an inedible husk of a texture like Chinese paper. This calix protects its spherical fruit from external factors that can affect its small and pleasant taste.

Since our clothes are our second skin, we believe that they should provide us with PROTECTION, SHIELDING against EXTERNAL HAZARDS.

Regenerative Ecosystems

It’s important to promote and start working in collaborative environments in such a way that synergies are activated all over the world. Peruvian ancestors knew very well about it, they practiced AYNI (reciprocity or mutualism). Collaboration and co-working are the key for developing sustainable and regenerative communities nowadays, as well as in the future.
Through our experiences, workshops and micro interviews called ¨Capsulas Regenerativas” – we aim to develop Regenerative Ecosystems on all levels.



Textile Research

Regenerative Textiles and Materials

Any regenerative designed product starts with a selection of materials and innovative processes that enable us to deliver a sustainable design UX User Experience with a minimalistic, protective and multifunctional approach that provides a healthy and safe ecosystem.  We continuously research and look for developing new biomaterials and bio-shades.

Consultancy Services

Capsulas Regenerativas (Micro-interviews)



Everything is interconnected; healthy and safe ecosystems are achievable if we, as humans, become more conscious about our health and safety and have a more holistic perspective of the impact of every decision and action we make.

– Ma. Antonieta Javier R. founder of Mashua Project.


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Regenerative Design and Concept

Regenerative Design and Concept

Every regenerative product or service is born from a process of analysis and identification of the type of solution that we intend to offer.


Stay tuned for our latest posts, collections, research, and micro interview’s insights.

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